New Construction Inspection

Getting a new construction inspection with VanPort Property Inspection can avoid ‘surprises’ prior to closing with the builder. New construction inspections reduce the surprises that generally don’t show up until well after the sale has been completed. It will give you an opportunity to mitigate potential future problems after the sale.

New Construction Inspection Advantages

New construction inspections are performed before the home is done either just prior to closing. The inspection will give you a snapshot of any issues and give the builder an opportunity to repair any issues found.

Builders have several things riding on their sale to you. Primarily their reputation which could further complement their product and workmanship. Word of mouth and social media exposure, both good or bad can help them tremendously.

Builder Inspections

Builders build to code, that doesn’t necessarily translate into functionality. Failure to install flashing, complete caulking of points of intrusion, wood debris left in the crawl space or any number of things can lead to costly repairs or loss of value in the long run.

VanPort Property Inspection can help you with a NEW CONSTRUCTION inspection.