Residential Home Inspection

Getting a Residential Home inspection by VanPort Property Inspection can help you traverse your way through the buying experience; that’s why most home buyers use a Realtor to help them navigate through the process.

Realtors rely on Home Inspectors to ensure that they represent the home properly and to aid in the closing of the real estate transaction.

The process is complex and most of us don’t have enough personal experience or knowledge to deal with the various interdependent parts to close the purchase.

Having your home inspection can give you an excellent platform from which to operate in any future transactions; whether it be sales or purchase. It can also help you prioritize and plan for continued maintenance costs that every home owner experiences.

What will the residential home inspection tell you?

It will give you assurance that the items below have been examined for functionality and safety:

Drainage, Foundation & Flat work, Roofing, Gutters, Exterior defects & flaws, Interior defects & flaws, Appliance inspection & testing, HVAC examination & testing, Plumbing, Pest inspection and an overall assessment of the homes potential repair/ maintenance concerns.

VanPort Property Inspection can help you with a Residential Home Inspection.